Expert Grooming for St. Petersburg Pups – In-Store or at Home

Dog Grooming Services:

Paw Pad Trim

Keep your pup’s steps comfortable and safe with precision paw pad trimming, preventing debris build-up and ensuring smooth walks.

Nail Clip and File

Essential nail care with clipping and filing to the perfect length, promoting healthy paw posture and preventing discomfort.

Sanitary Trim

A hygiene-focused trim around the belly and rear to keep your dog clean, comfortable, and free from hygiene-related issues.

Teeth Brushing

Gentle yet thorough dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, freshening breath and contributing to overall health.

Clip to Preference

Whether it’s a breed-specific style or a unique cut, we sculpt their coat to your exact preferences, ensuring they look just the way you love.

Gland Expression

This preventative care helps avoid discomfort and potential health issues, keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Shampoo & Blow-dry

Using premium products that suit your pet’s coat and skin type, we ensure a deep clean that leaves them looking fluffy, feeling soft, and smelling great.

Ear Cleaning

Keep your dog’s ears clean, healthy, and free from infection with our gentle ear cleaning service.

In-Home Grooming

Experience the ultimate convenience with our in-home grooming services, where we bring professional care right to your doorstep. Ideal for busy pet owners or pets who prefer the comfort of their own home, our in-home grooming option ensures your dog receives personalized attention in a familiar and stress-free environment.


Our Full Groom includes the following: Paw pads trimmed, nails clipped and filed, ear hair removed and cleaned with natural witch hazel, sanitary trim, expression of anal glands, clip to preference, shampoo, blow-dry, and brush out. 

Short-Haired Breeds

Beagle, Boxer, Greyhound, French Bulldog, etc.

Dog Size In-Store  In-Home
1-6 lbs. $30 $35
6.1-12 lbs. $40 $45
12.1-24 lbs. $50 $55
24.1-36 lbs. $60 $65
36.1-48 lbs. $70 $75
48.1-60 lbs. $80 N/A
60.1-72 lbs. $90 N/A
72.1-84 lbs. $100 N/A
84.1-96 lbs. $110 N/A
96.1 lbs. + Quote Needed N/A

Long-Haired Breeds

Golden Retriever, Bernese, Border Collie, Yorkie

Dog Size In-Store  In-Home
1-12 lbs. $55 $65
12.1-24 lbs. $65 $75
24.1-36 lbs. $75 $85
36.1-48 lbs. $85 $95
48.1-60 lbs. $95 N/A
60.1-72 lbs. $105 N/A
72.1-84 lbs. $115 N/A
84.1-96 lbs. $125 N/A

96.1 lbs. +

Quote Needed N/A

Tooth brushing is an additional $10 per pup.

Please note: additional charges may apply for services involving elderly puppies or extended travel. All prices are estimates, and your final quote will be confirmed at the time of booking with the groomer.

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